For local authorities, including London boroughs, county councils, unitaries and district councils across the UK to digitally engage with their local communities
(Residents & Local Businesses)


D igitally engaged with your residents and businesses

I nvesting in your Digital transformation program

G rowing partnerships with business and others to maximise the digital opportunities

I nnovative, Commercially minded and financially self-sufficient

Transforming engaging , involving and informing residents

A mbitious ,Creative, Constantly improving and efficient

L eading the way

By placing digital at the heart of what you do,
the Smart Community Marketplace can enable...



Local Business




The Local Council

  • Innovative new way to engage with staff, local residents, local businesses, national brands & employers
  • Collect key information which can help you enhance your digital engagement with the local community
  • Upload & Manage your jobs, apprenticeships, local events and volunteering opportunities onto the platform, via an interactive admin dashboard
  • Will help on reducing costs for landfill, as residents trade their used/unused items via the platform
  • Opportunity to consolidate specific Council services to the digital platform reducing costs & saving time
  • Strengthen and collaborate with national & local brands / employers who want to engage with your local residents
  • Increase resident and local business satisfaction scores
  • Residents can browse local jobs, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities and apply via the platform
  • Opportunity for local businesses to get direct access to local residents to market their products or services
  • Local residents can trade used items within their community thereby reducing waste
  • Easy to access platform which is mobile friendly, and optimised to fit any screen size or device
  • Charities and third sector organisations in the area can use the platform to source community crowd funding for projects and/or volunteers
  • API's / Widgets functionality to engage with targeted offerings and Council services
  • Exclusive deals from high street /online brands offering products, discount vouchers & Cash Back offers negotiated just for your local community

The Local Community

Engagement Modules

"Community Platform as a service"

  • Local Jobs

  • Local Deals

  • Sell It, Buy It

  • Volunteer Locally

  • Local Tradesman

  • Local Events / Meetings

  • Local Property Listing

Socio -

  • Cash-Back Offers

  • Voucher/Coupon Codes

  • Daily Deals

  • Mobile Phone Deals

  • Fashion Deals

Value -

COMMUNITY CROWD FUNDING opportunity for all your local projects/causes whenever the resident purchases from any national deals modules mentioned above.

fully supports the local council’s
commercialisation strategy and digital aspirations
  • Over 40,000 local users within 6 weeks of launch

  • Over 240 local business signed up and providing local residents with voucher deals & jobs

  • Over 16,500 discount vouchers from local businesses were downloaded by the residents

  • Residents spent on average 50% more time on our platform than the online retail industry average

  • API / Widgets functionality facilitating seamless integration to Harrow Council site

  • Over 900 used items have been uploaded by the resident community within the first 6 months

  • Money saving offers from your local businesses and National brands to your local communities

Recent survey conducted on behalf of Harrow Council ...

“ over 85% of the resident and local business community in Harrow responded that the Smart Community Marketplace was reliable, of high quality, useful & unique ”


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