maiking-your-time-go-furtherYou may not realise it, or appreciate it… but time is getting away from you!

Yeah, that’s right – regardless of who you are, time is not on your side. Time seeps away every day and, no matter how smart you are, once time is gone… it’s gone.

When you are starting a business be prepared to have long hours, early mornings, not see your friends for a while, not be able to watch the football on a weekend and all of the things that you take for granted in your current life.

In the early days, don’t be surprised if you are rolling into bed for 1am and then back up at 8am – and there will be days when you are grateful of getting more than six hours sleep!
To be fair, you can’t complain about a lack of sleep – your life isn’t built for sleeping, it is built for living and that is what having a successful business can help you do.

Work hard and play hard – you are committing your time

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