Our White Label Community Marketplace Platform is an online 24×7 portal that provides exclusive Deals & Discounts, as well as engagement with your residents including career opportunities while generating a revenue stream for your Council. This means that any Council in the UK can have a SaaS portal for their staff, local businesses and local community that is completely powered and managed by us.

This portal provides your residents with access to a range of fantastic vouchers provided by local businesses as well as exclusive local job opportunities including an exclusive feature to trade their new and used items among their local community. The platform also aggregates best national deals, discounts & products from across the UK.

The portal is fully mobile and accessible via any device. It is fully customisable to slot into your existing online strategy and website. It enhances your brand by providing value to your Residents, Staff & Local Businesses which includes…

  • Local Voucher discounts from local businesses
  • Local job opportunities from local employers
  • Gumtree like feature for residents to trade their used and unused items
  • National Vouchers and products from our online partners
  • Dedicated eCommerce feature with negotiated products and deals
  • Specially negotiated insurance products
  • Gigs & Events tickets
  • Fashion, Electronics, Games and much more from leading High Street brands
  • Online Survey / Feedback opportunities

Here is what one of our Council partners has to say about the impact that the platform is having for them

“We are very excited by what the platform can achieve for our locality. Not only does it generate us revenue as a Council, but it also adds value to our local people. We already have over 110 local businesses on the platform providing local offerings.”

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