We have developed the technology that allows us to completely white-label and tailor make a deals, discounts and vouchers platform specifically for a College or University. This means that any College or University in the UK can have a platform for their students, staff and local community that is completely powered by us.

This platform has over 200,000 products on there already and we give the College or University a 50% share of the profits generated by the platform making it completely sustainable and cost free to the College or University. It also provides the College/University with a great way to further engage with students outside of the classroom, as well as a great way to engage with local businesses who can provide work opportunities as well as discounts for their students and staff.


The platform is completely customizable and the College / University can choose from the following features to make up their platform, with more features coming soon

  • Amazon marketplace
  • Groupon Vouchers
  • Specially negotiated insurance products
  • Gigs & Events tickets
  • Local Deals from local businesses
  • Local opportunities from local employers
  • Specially negotiated deals and discounts
  • Online learning area
  • Discounted train travel tickets
  • Online votes / student feedback feature

Here is what one of our College partners has to say about the impact that the platform is having for them –

“We have worked closely with Spark Global to fine tune the platform for our students use. We have found the company to be extremely easy, effective and efficient to work with. We rolled out the student platform to our students and while it is early days we have already seen a great uptake by staff and students to both the platform and also from local businesses engaging with the platform to submit special deals and opportunities for our students.”

Dawn Edwards – South & City College

Hull College

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LCCSU College

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Barnsley College

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