You are your personal brandWhy should you care about having a personal brand? Well, you already have one; it’s now a case of managing it effectively.

Whether you are searching for a job, working for somebody else, or you run your own business, never has been looking after your personal brand online been more important.

With Social media becoming more integrated into the workplace and it now being easier than ever to find somebody’s details on the Internet, you must manage your brand effectively.

Potential Employers will now often Google you and research your digital footprint before they even commit to an interview! It is amazing how many things you can find if you begin to look in the right places. The Internet is a vast tool, which nobody can hide from, Facebook and Twitter is becoming a great recruitment resource for organizations as they can get a first glimpse of who you are, how you conduct yourself and more importantly, if you will fit into their business based upon what they see of you online.

If somebody visited your Facebook, your blog, your Twitter feed, what would they think of you based upon your online profile without having even met you in reality?

You want to be in control of all of those impressions. Why leave your professional reputation to chance. You have no excuses, it’s easy to manage your online brand but it oh so important to get it right.

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